Did you know 85% of clothing and textiles end up in landfill even though it can be reused and recycled?

Our goal at Odyssey International is to contribute towards a cleaner world.. We purchase and recycle used clothing, toys etc. We run an environmentally-conscious enterprise while providing 80 families with stable, full-time employment.

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Mix Rag & Credential Rag

Odyssey International offers a wide range of used products. We have it all.

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We Give Back to
Our Communities

BC Children’s Hospital | BC Firefighters

Odyssey has been generously contributing to BC Children’s
Hospital since its doors first opened in 2013.

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This month we are offering a 25% discount on our stock clearance for sweaters and this is where the text will go with regards to the specials.

Call us today to receive your clearance discount.

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