Purchasing, Processing, and Recycling of Used Clothing, Exported Around the World, for a Cleaner World.

Jonathan and Bina Gill, who emigrated from the UK in the early 1980’s, founded Odyssey International Exports in 2003. The couple share a passion for creating an environmentally conscious enterprise while providing over 80 families with secure full-time employment.

Due to their extensive business background they have the skills which enable them to contribute to the Canadian economy not only bringing in foreign currency but also strengthening Canadian trade around the world.

The New Westminster-based warehouse recycles and exports used clothing to the growing continents of Africa, Asia, and South America. Additionally, by exporting over 1.5 million pounds per month of excess used clothing this company has taken a huge step forward in the elimination of used clothing dumped in North American landfills.

While prospering in the trade sector, this couple has not lost sight of the community needs around them. Odyssey has been contributing to the BC Children’s Hospital since its doors first opened in 2003 and actively participates in multicultural festivals of their diverse staff.


109 Braid Street – Building D New Westminster, BC Canada V3L 5H4
Phone: 604. 540. 7103 | Fax: 604. 525. 7104 | Email: info@odysseyinternational.com