bales of household rummage

Small Bales of Used Clothing

Baled in 100 Pound Bales.

Mixed Rag

We ensure that we acquire premium quality mixed rags from our suppliers across Canada and The United States.

stacked mixed rags
stacks of mixed clothing/ credentials rags

Credential Rag

Credential Rags  are untouched and  unsorted, they come packaged and ready to ship.

Denim Rag

Denim Rag  used in industrial settings. Good for cleaning up grease and oil as it is very absorbent.

vintage faded folded jeans
white wipers


Wipers come in various different grades and are checked and sorted for their different qualities.

Mixed Sweaters

Mixed Sweaters come in many varieties containing acrylic, cotton, wool or a mix of different blends.

glass drinking cups, vases and bowls as well as other house hold bric and brac items

Bric & Brac

Bric and Brac items are miscellaneous products, kitchenware’s, dishes, housewares, small home decor, wooden objects school and office supplies.

Other Household Products

Carefully sorted and checked for quality our slightly used household items aare then packaged and ready to ship.

pillows and sheets
vintage jacket with gloves bandana's and blue jeans

Vintage Clothing

Second Hand Garments from a Previous Era

Clothing from the 1920’s to 1980’s is considered Vintage or Retro. Vintage clothing has traditionally been the favourite of creative personalities. But some people prefer to buy vintage clothing as they are one of a kind pieces made of fine eco friendly materials.

Our employees are trained to selectively pick such pieces for some of our creative customers

Soft Toys

Gently used soft clean toys, includes many stuffed animals of all sorts and sizes.

soft toys
assorted shoes


Big selection of footwear. From running shoes, hiking boots, casual shoes and  sandals.


Handbags to accessorize special outfits or causal wear. Not only do handbags help tie an outfit together, they also help carry necessary on-the-go items. Our handbags are specially selected and sorted.

hand bags

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